Aflac is America’s most recognized supplemental insurance company. It isn’t health insurance, but it helps pay you what health insurance doesn’t cover like deductibles and copayments.

Whether you are self-employed, or your employer doesn’t offer benefits, we are here to help meet your family’s needs and give you coverage that helps protect your financial future.

How does Aflac help cover me?

Several different scenarios could come up unexpected – accidents, cancer, short-term disability and more but Aflac can help cover part of your out-of-pocket costs for these. Here are some ways, Aflac can cover you

Accident Insurance When a surprise happens, don’t be surprised by the cost. A broken leg could cost you the same amount as 51 mobile phone bills or 9 music festivals. Accident Insurance helps pay for emergency treatment as well as treatment-related transportation and lodging.

Cancer Insurance There is nothing worse than finding out you or your family will have to battle cancer, but Aflac is there to help make that journey slightly less painful. With help for financial responsibilities during that time gives you time to work towards treatment and reaching remission. We help give you freedom to focus on the important things.

Critical Illness Insurance You can eat healthy, exercise, and watch your blood pressure but you never know when a heart attack or stroke may hit you. When this happens, as soon as you hear that diagnosis, Aflac will pay you directly to help keep you relaxed and focused on recuperation.

Hospital Insurance This happen that you can’t anticipate, like appendicitis or an asthma attack. When you have to spend time in the hospital to recover, this supplemental helps takes some of that financial pain off the (hospital) bed. *This product available through worksite payroll deductions only. Talk to your employer today.

Short-Term Disability Insurance You fall at work or trip down some stairs, broke your leg and are out of work for 6 weeks. Aflac is here to help you recover better knowing you have financial support during that time for healing. *This product available through worksite payroll deductions only. Talk to your employer today.

Dental Insurance A pretty smile is more than looks, routine dental care contributes to overall good health. With a variety of services, Aflac dental insurance helps protect your pearly whites.

Vision Insurance Your vision shows more than you can see. With maintaining healthy vision, eye exams can give light to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, or even brain tumors. This plan is designed to help support your proactive eye care. *This product available through worksite payroll deductions only. Talk to your employer today.

How do I decide what I need and what I don't?

Having these options can be overwhelming and feel morbid to talk about but when you speak with our Aflac Servicing Agent, you can rest assure that you will feel at ease at the end. With our expertise knowledge and our passion for our customers, you won’t have to figure it out on your own.

Contact us today so we can help you decide what options are best and protect you in case of an even that may leave you with a bill larger than you can handle.